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     Autumn Lawn Care Package     

As we transition from summer to winter the days become shorter, temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall - now is the time to tend to your lawn. Having endured the heat of summer your lawn needs to make it through the winter – give it more than a fighting chance with our Autumn Lawn Care Package. 

Complete with all the essential pieces of the puzzle, our Autumn Lawn Care Package includes: 

  • Aerating – to de-compact your soil base and promote better oxygen, water and nutrient flow to the roots of your grass.  

  • Ph testing – as Ph levels are critical in determining how well your grass grows, we will test the acidity of your soil and determine nutrient deficiencies (applicable only to lawns which have not been recently fertilised).    

  • Fertilising – essential to protect your lawn against the cold and encourage prolonged growth, extended colour and thick coverage. The autumn application is the most important one for the year and lasts up to 12 weeks.   

  • Weeding – hand removal and the application of a pre-emergent herbicide will enable us to get on top of your lawn weeds now before your lawn becomes susceptible to winter weed infestations.  

  • Pruning overgrown bushes – to ensure those precious winter sunrays get to your lawn and to prevent damage caused by over-shading. 

  • Green waste removal & aftercare – we will remove all green waste collected and will suggest the appropriate fertilising schedule for the months to come.  

You’ll get over $230 worth of value for just $60*. Book your FREE quote now!


The grassier details... 

  • This offer is available to all new and regular clients

  • Price will be determined at time of quote and is dependent on the size of lawn and whether or not any pruning of surrounding bushes is applicable or required

  • Package must follow a lawn mow; you can either mow your lawn yourself and just pay for the package or have us include a lawn mow service in your quote

  • * Package value and price listed is based on an average 40m2 lawn

  • All items as listed will be completed in the one booking. 


Offer available for all bookings made up to and including 16 June 2019. 

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