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Wano Mowing & Gardening, How We Work and Pricing.

     How We Work & Our Pricing     

Wano Mowing & Gardening offers competitive pricing on all our lawn mowing & gardening services. Learn more about how we work & what you can expect to pay. 

We are more than happy to answer questions about your individual requirements.

Contact us for a no obligation FREE quote today!

How we work...

2. Talk to Us

Send us some photos of the job or show us at the quote how you'd like things done.

3. Job Sorted

We'll give you a fixed priced & do it there & then or arrange to come back on a day/time that suits you.

4. Payment

Required in cash
via bank
transfer upon completion.

5. After Care

Book a regular service schedule or give us a call when you need us again. 

What can you expect to pay?

We know how frustrating it can be when you have no idea what you might have to pay for a service or when you think you are going to pay a certain price and are then hit with additions, which is why we’ve put together this guide and, for your peace of mind, offer a fixed price guarantee.  Our fixed price guarantee means that the price we quote you before we start the job will be the price we charge you upon completion – no surprises!  We also won’t pressure you to add extra jobs you don’t want or need.  
We will decide together if there’s anything for you to do before we arrive so that we can complete your job efficiently and to your satisfaction. This might include you picking up toys or objects from the lawn, moving garden furniture, letting us know your reticulation days, or doing selected lawn care or garden care jobs yourself (e.g. some clients like to mow their lawns themselves, and we edge and whipper snip them. Or, if you’re receiving a lawn care service and your lawn is overgrown, you may need to mow your lawns or arrange for us to do this before we can apply fertilisers, etc).  
If you are located within our Service Area our petrol, travel and vehicle expenses are included within our pricing and are not charged separately. 
If you are located outside our Service Area we may need to charge an additional fee for travel expenses. Fee will be dependent upon factors such as distance to travel and urgency. We do ensure we minimise this fee as much as possible by scheduling work alongside clients in close proximity. Fee will be clearly stated and outlined within quote.

Lawn Mowing Service 

Our lawn mowing service includes lawn mowing with our rotary, cylinder or ride-on mower, edging, whipper snippering, removal of clippings or putting these back onto your lawn and blowing.  
To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for your lawn mowing service we’ve put together the following guide. Please note these prices apply where the lawn has been maintained and the grass is under control. 


   Less than 80sqm  



   80 - 130sqm   

   $65 - $100  


   130sqm +   

   $100 +   

Please note:
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we will not charge you an additional fee for the removal of lawn clippings  

  • We have full public liability insurance, the cost of which is included in our pricing

  • If the grass and edges are above ankle height, the cost will be approximately 150% of prices above  

  • If the grass and edges are above knee height, the cost will be approximately 200% of prices above  

  • If you have more than one area of lawn, the price of additional lawns will be charged at approximately 50% (e.g. if you have a small front and back lawn, expect to pay between $45 - $75 in total for your job)

  • Please contact us if you require an hourly rate. 

A list of the most common factors that we take into consideration, which may affect your quote, can be found below. 

Gardening Services
  • Approximately $70 per hour for general gardening (e.g. 2 hours in your garden = $140)  

  • Approximately $70 per hour for pruning hedges and small trees (e.g. 2 hours to prune your trees = $140) 

  • Removal of green waste ($250 per trailer load)  

Factors which may affect your quote:

During the quoting stage we will take into consideration a range of factors. These factors may, for example, increase the time it takes for us to complete the job, the cost of which will be accounted for and included in the final quote.  

Tall/unruly grass – requiring whipper snippering first, or which may need to be mowed two or three times to achieve a neat and tidy finish.    
Grass density - can affect mower performance in that mower/s can get stuck on some grass types, requiring more time, whilst gliding through other grass types and requiring less time.  
Obstacles on the lawn – fallen tree branches on the lawn will need to be collected prior to mowing; if you have trees or garden features that we will need to mow around; childrens' play equipment such as trampolines and swing sets which need to be moved or mowed around.   
Specific edging work – such as that required by trees, footpaths, stepping stones, swimming pools, statues, fountains and/or if you have multiple lawn areas. 
Lawn access and terrain – a flat lawn with no obstructions will require less time than a sloped lawn with multiple sections and/or a lawn that is only accessible via stairs.   

Not sure what you need?

If you have never hired a lawn mowing or gardening service before and aren’t sure what to expect we can walk you through it – it’s very straightforward, just give us a call and let's have a chat about what you might require - whatever the job, we'll get it sorted.

Who do we service?

Residential & commercial clients located in Perth's eastern and southern suburbs within the cities of Swan, Bayswater, Bassendean, Belmont, Victoria Park and some parts of Canning, Gosnells and Kalamunda. A full list of suburbs can be found on our Service Areas page.


Wano Mowing & Gardening has full public 

liability insurance & provides services to 

plan and self-managed NDIS participants.

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